Fast following the success of Phase One and Phase Three, discerning home buyers now have a new opportunity to be a part of the coveted Larkin Residence lifestyle. Larkin Residence is a low-rise, low-density living concept set amidst lush, green surroundings covering over a total of 16 acres prime real estate. With an emphasis on natural living, Larkin Residence brings tranquility right to your doorstep.

Larkin Residence Phase Two continues the tradition of idyllic living with 320 units of well-planned apartments that are the epitome of private comfort. With only 4 units on every floor, every apartment has the distinction of being a corner unit – giving you maximum privacy and comfort. What’s more, each 5-storey apartment block is thoughtfully serviced by a lift for your express convenience and well-being.

At Larkin Residence, you can behold the splendour of extensive landscaping with numerous water features beautifully incorporated into the overall surroundings. All these and much more, invite you to make your home at Larkin Residence - where natural living meets private comfort and luxury is a standard.

随第一期与第三期取得成功后,明智的购屋者,您现在又有机会获得那非常吸引人的 Larkin Residence 生活方式。Larkin Residence 是一项总面积十六英亩,低楼层,低密度的绿野环境。Larkin Residence 注重自然生活,所以它将安宁带到您门口。

Larkin Residence 第二期继续为您提供320间特别为您舒适生活而设计的优质公寓。因为每层楼只设四个单位所以每间公寓都是边座单位,为您提供最高的私隐和舒适感。除此之外,每栋五层高的公寓都设有升降机为您提供出入的方便。

Larkin Residence 的四周以最雅观的园艺设计,备有多种以水为主题的装饰。这一切,以及更多的特点邀你到 Larkin Residence,一个备有私隐舒适及豪华的自然生活环境。

Final Phase 最 后 一 期
Natural living meets private comfort
大 自 然 生 活 配 上 舒 适 私 隐

Larkin Residence Phase Two
Luxury within your reach
容 易 获 得 的 奢 侈 生 活

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